Stop replacing your oil - Start cleaning it!

Industry rides on an oil film of less than 10µ. This minimal oil film guarantees a perfect lubrication of your hydraulic machinery and gearboxes.
Practice shows that more than 70% of all hydraulic machinery are highly contaminated (> NAS 9, > ISO 21/18/16), but perfect lubrication requires 100% clean oil! Time to start cleaning... .

The result
Clean oil decreases wear and tear, pump and valve failure, leakage, machine standstill, frequency of oil changes, but most of all ... production loss!

Effective oil management is hard to achieve.
Changing the oil and the system filters from time to time is not a guarantee for clean oil.

With our Oil Management Program we commit to continuously create perfectly clean oil, at 50% of your actual oil cost!

Oil Management Program includes:

  Data driven decisions based on your oil analysis.
  Oil Management is 50% cheaper than changing oil!
  Increased machine reliability
  Increased production output.
  Serving our environment.

Data Driven decisions based on your oil analysis.
Our filtration specialist will take an oil sample before and after cleaning. The proposed solution guarantees clean oil.

Oil Management is 50% cheaper than changing oil
When performing an oil change, you throw away oil because it's dirty, not because the oil is bad. An Oil Management program avoids throwing away dirty oil.

Increased machine reliability
With regular oil changes solid particles, water and oxidation products remain in the hoses and the system reservoir. Contaminated oil will always lead to machine breakdowns and production loss sooner or later. Our Oil Management Program will clean the total system and make sure no dirt will reside in the oil. 

Increased production output
The oil cleaning happens while your machinery keeps running. No machine standstill for maintenance = increased production output.

Serving our environment
An Oil Management Program avoids wasting your precious oil. This supports our environment and helps you saving on your maintenance costs.


Let's see how much you can save thanks to an Oil Management Program!