Why use Triple R Oil Cleaners?

  No more oil changes!

   Extend oil life up to 50.000 hrs

  No wear, no breakdown!

   Eliminate valve & pump failure.

  Extend full-flow filter life!

   Discharge the load on full-flow filters.

  Avoid breakdowns & standstill!

   Well-oiled machines never fail.

  Increase machine reliability!

   Clean oil keeps your machines running.

  Increase machine availability!

   Reliable machines produce more.

  Increase production output!

   No standstill means more production.

  Save money!

   Clean oil reduces maintenance costs




Total oil management

At TRIPLE R we have all the tools for TOTAL OIL MANAGEMENT. 

A wide range of highly effective oil purification systems.
In field oil cleaning & oil analysis services = total oil management solutions.
Custom-made engineering.

Use the ISO cleanliness codes to set the target alarms for your own machinery cleanliness levels.

​Every system requires a certain level of cleanliness. The degree of cleanliness greatly depends on the type of components installed on your machinery.

We recommend to check what type of components you have and to set your oil cleanliness targets accordingly. Download the file below to compare your oil cleanliness target with the level of oil cleanliness that you have in your systems today.

Remember: new, fresh oil isn't clean. It's often too contaminated to run on machinery, like for test stands or hydraulic systems steered by servo-valves.

••• Recommended Oil Cleanliness ~ related to installed components •••

What is your Return on Investment?


Use the R.O.I calculator and find out how much you can save!

6 Mistakes about oil

Mistakes most owners of hydraulic machinery make, and how to avoid them.

  • Changing the oil on hours... .
    • Keep it clean and have it analyzed first!
  • Changing the filters on hours... .
    • Only change when 80% of the dirt holding capacity has been reached.
  • Running too hot... .
    • Keep it cool! Stay below 60˚C for hydraulic oil!
  • Using the wrong oil... .
    • Check what viscosity grade fits your machine requirements the best!
  • Wrong filter locations... .
    • Avoid a suction strainer at the pump inlet!
  • Disregard the start-up check list... .
    • Always act according to your machines's start-up check list!

Download the special advisory report.