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Actually, why is it that oil has to be changed once it gets too contaminated? Additive depletion is the reason. The more pollutants oil contains, the more the additives will be consumed. Additives are designed to give oil specific characteristics and protect the oil from failing to fulfill it's primary task: creating a perfect lubrication film between moving parts.

All pollutants, like metal particles and water, will stress the oil and consequently consume the additives. The outcome is an oil loosing it's lubrication characteristics, changes in viscosity and increase of the oil acidity level, and finally machine failures.

That's why most companies change their oil up front, based on a preventive maintenance schedule. According to the  BHRA (British Hydromechanics Research Association), when companies perform oil changes, in almost 80% of the cases the oil is still in good or acceptable condition. Meaning that oil changes happen too early. A definite waste of resources and maintenance expenditures that can easily be avoided.

The solution? Keeping the oil PERFECTLY CLEAN will increase OIL LIFE considerably. Find out how we can help saving massively on oil consumption.